Rental Rates and Land Values

Market rates for rents and land values are factors in lease valuations and negotiations. Sources of information for agricultural rental rates include USDA/NASS and OSU surveys plus school land auctions. USDA/NASS provides county averages for pasture and cropland (irrigated is provided separately where available). OSU’s biennial survey reports both averages and distributions by broad geographic region for different types of pasture and cropland for both cash and share rental agreements. Land value data sources include USDA/NASS, Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank quarterly ag credit survey publications and OSU’s ag land value website:

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Oklahoma Cropland Rental Rates 2016-2017
Oklahoma Cropland Rental Rates 2014-2015
Oklahoma Cropland Rental Rates 2012-2013
Oklahoma Cropland Rental Rates 2010-2011
Oklahoma Cropland Rental Rates 2008-2009


Oklahoma Pasture Rental Rates 2016-2017
Oklahoma Pasture Rental Rates 2014-2015
Oklahoma Pasture Rental Rates 2012-2013
Oklahoma Pasture Rental Rates 2010-2011
Oklahoma Pasture Rental Rates 2008-2009

County Level Estimates of Rental Rates, from the Oklahoma Office of
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service

2017 Cash Rents County Estimates (Issued September 2017)
2014 Cash Rents County Estimates (Issued September 2014)
2013 Cash Rents County Estimates (Issued September 2013)
2012 Cash Rents County Estimates (Issued September 2012)
2011 Cash Rents County Estimates (Issued September 2011) 
2010 Cash Rents County Estimates (Issued September 2010) 
2009 Cash Rents County Estimates (Issued March 2010) 

Oklahoma Agricultural Land Values 
Land Values 2017 Summary
USDA/ National Agricultural Statistics Land Value Publications