Department of Agricultural Economics

Faculty and Specialists

Dr. Damona Doye
Dr. Shannon Ferrell
JC Hobbs
Dr. Rodney Jones
James “JJ” Jones

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USDA/NASS data for Oklahoma pasture and cropland cash rents by county:

Oklahoma Commissioners of the Land Office Real Estate Lease auction data:

Department of Plant and Soil Sciences


Dr. Brian Arnall
Dr. Jason Warren
Dr. Josh Lofton
Dr. Alex Rocateli
David Marburger

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This project was partially supported by:

Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service
Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant no. 2013-69002-23146 from the ​USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture​
Conservation for Innovation Grant no. 69-3A75-13-217 from the Natural Resources Conservation Service

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