Lease Information

How do you develop an equitable lease agreement? What type of lease is best: cash rent, crop/livestock share, flex? What are the advantages and disadvantages to the parties of each? Publications offer guidance and describe in detail the principles to be followed in developing an equitable agreement for different types of leases.

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North Central Farm Management Extension Committee:

Crop Share Rental Arrangements for Your Farm
Fixed and Flexible Cash Rental Arrangements for Your Farm
Pasture Rental Arrangements for Your Farm

Lease Forms

Sample lease forms provide a starting point for lease negotiations and serve as a reminder of important items to be discussed by the parties involved. Written lease agreements serve as reminders of terms that have been agreed upon and provide a reference for heirs when needed. The forms are not intended to substitute for legal advice.

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Fixed and Flexible- LF
Crop Share- LF
Pasture Rental- LF